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Ms Spencer’s Story:
 Teen Mom – from Duval High School
Growing up I would like to believe I had a decent child hood, a loving family even with a strained relationship with my father but a loving relationship none the less. But after my father went to jail my attitude changed. Without having that father figure to keep me in check I did what I want when I wanted. Causing me and my mother to have more and more arguments and fight. After I lost my virginity my relationship with my mother spiraled down hill. I became very rebellious. No later than a few months in high school I met James, he was my high school sweetheart.  We started dating for a while and shortly after I got kicked out of Duval high for fighting. I started to attend Bladensburg high school and my school performance was no better there. I felt more like an outcast than a student so I got in more fights was in gang affiliation with my baby’s father and went to school less. There I started to smoke and drink way more, partied way more and fought way more.  
This was a hard time for me being so deep in love and dealing with school, my home life wasn’t the best because of all the fighting, and the fact that I was raped twice by three different men was a big influence on my rebellious actions. Following in my baby fathers footsteps we grew closer. Even after all his lying and cheating I stuck by his side and loved him unconditionally. I ended up getting pregnant and a couple of weeks after I found out I had a miscarriage. I didn’t talk to anyone about it because I felt alone I either drank, cut myself or bottled it up all together.
The only solution I had to the pain I felt was to get pregnant again. So me and James tried and tried and tried to get pregnant again and it work. I found out I was pregnant at seven weeks. Soon after I realized he had given me an STD and I was devastated. When I finally got everything squared away our relationship got worse. My morning sickness started to kick in and his lying and cheating continued. Next thing I knew James violated his probation and was arrested & I then realized I was on my own for the rest of my pregnancy. I eventually had my beautiful daughter that id been waiting for and that’s when stuff got real. I had matured a lot after having my daughter but I still had a lot to work on. Later on I got kicked out of school my senior year, again for fighting & out of my mothers house.
Things went from bad to worse but within the bad I had a beautiful daughter to keep me motivated. I wasn’t concerned about friends or relationships while going back to Duval. I had a ½ day so I was in and out. Her dad and I had stopped talking for a while so I started dancing at the strip club to take care of Milahn and myself. I was on my own my mother kicked me out James and I were through and all I could think about was taking care of my daughter, graduating, and making money. In DuVal I met Ms. Sharon Holland (younglives). I didn’t pay much attention to the group at first but their words were motivating and inspiring but in my eyes words didn’t feed my daughter so I kept dancing and hustling drugs and going to school to get where I needed to go.
Then one day I realized I wanted way more and I wasn’t satisfied with the life I was living not out of greed but out a hunger for success, a hunger for a better relationship with god. I stopped dancing I started going back to church and came to young lives meetings regularly. In this time I started to date and old friend, Brandon. He was a big help with my Mimi and in general was a great friend. I had someone to talk to and someone I felt loved me and my daughter just as we are. In no time we became a family. He was a great daddy to my little girl and the best boyfriend a girl could ever pray for, it was a healthy love, a love I never knew. Our relationship grew stronger with him, I prayed more and my relationship with god grew stronger each day. I graduated from school and after month of searching I found a job.
 I started to give my self more of a chance at life and i would like to think I as well as Younglives gave my daughter Milahn hope for success as a child of a teen mother. Brandon helped me a lot he was always there for us and guided me to keeping my faith in god strong and now matter what now I know what the meaning of “family” is. Before I was broken, lost, hurt, immature, selfish, and just all around not a strong believe in god. Now I have my high school diploma, I am happy, I have a beautiful daughter, a loving family, I love my self, a forever growing relationship with god, a job, and better dedicated and motivated, stronger me to look at in the mirror everyday. I made mistakes, I understood, learned and I have overcome now I can say that I am proud of the woman that I am becoming today.


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