YoungLives Camp

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Young Life Camp Summer Experience!

The Experience:

Teen moms will enjoy a week of fun, food, and Christ at Young Life's camp.  Set in beautiful surroundings and packed with adventure, young moms have the opportunity to experience everything from the lake activities and zip lining, a spa day, and even club time.  There is no shortage of excitement for these ladies. Teen moms get the chance to relax, play, and learn about Christ and His plan for their lives.
However, none of this is possible without the love and support of those willing to give their time and resources to helping a teen mom get to camp.  Here are the various ways that YOU can help make this experience possible!

YoungLives Camp


Join the YoungLives Camp Prayer Team - We need people to pray for these girls before, during, and after camp.  
Serve on the Childcare Team - Over 100 volunteers are required to care for the babies at camp while their mothers are participating in camp activities. Men, women and teenagers are welcome! Being a childcare volunteer is a Missions Trip for you or other members of your organization/church, less than 4 hours driving distance from Washington, DC.  
Sponsor a girl's camp trip - It costs over $500 to send a girl and her baby to camp. We don't expect the girls will be able to pay for all of her camp costs as many of them are already in difficult financial situations. Consider asking your church of other group you belong to sponsor a girl - our goal is to take 15 teen mothers.  So we need to raise roughly $20,000 to send girls to camp (tuition and bus transportation is required). 
Help get essentials - Buy gift cards - The girls need diapers, clothes for the babies, and formula to take with them to camp.  By purchasing and donating gift cards (Target, Walmart, Safeway, Giant) you can help cover this need.  

For more information, Contact YoungLives Regional Coordinator, Tara Woods:



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