What is Committee?

Each local area has a committee of adults who believes in the mission of Young Life: to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith. You'll find adults from all different backgrounds, careers and churches, including lots of moms and dads who care about kids.

The committee, comprised of parents, Young Life alumni and civic leaders, provides a foundation of financial, administrative and moral support for the local Young Life team.

Ask your area staff person for a local list, and feel free to call these folks with your questions at any time.


Committee Members visiting the pre-camp Send off


The committee's purpose is for its' members to share ownership of the ministry with the YoungLives local staff and volunteer leaders. The committee is the foundation for a successful ministry as each member commits to praying, strategizing, funding, evaluating, networking, and growing the ministry alongside the local staff and volunteer leaders.


  • Walking faithfully with Christ
  • Confident that God has called them to this role
  • Passion for YoungLives, YoungLives Leaders, and teen moms
  • Willing to share time, talents, and resources
  • Involved and respected in the community

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Making a one-to-two year committment to serve on the Committee
  • Attending monthly Committee meetings
  • Praying for the ministry regularly
  • Supporting and assisting staff and volunteers
  • Ensuring the intergity of the local ministry
  • Promoting & representing YoungLives in the community
  • Raising funds to guarantee the local budget and monitoring the area's financial affairs
  • Leading activities that support the ministry (i.e. - prayer team, fundraisers, banquets)
  • Attending at least one YoungLives activity each year (i.e. - Club, Campaigners, Camp)
  • Working with regional/area director, especially during staff transitions




Committee Roles include:
  • Commitee Chair,    Taking Donors Seriously chair,  Fundraising Event Coordinator,  Prayer Team Coordinator,   Mentor Care
  • Volunteer Recruitment,  Camping,  Accounting/Finances,  Administrative,  Grant/Research Writer,  Community Relations

Support Team Roles include

(needed for each young lives club meeting):

  • Food Coordinator,   Donations Coordinator,  Rides Coordinator,  Set Up/Take Down,  Childcare Coordinator



Updated:  1/5/2017


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