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Success Story Teen mom to Business Owner to Mentoring

What is YoungLives?

While teen mothehood often translates into a loss of hope for a future and the break-down of health in a communit. YoungLives offers a tangible lifeline with HOPE that life can look different for teen moms and their children.
Life-on-life mentoring is the very heart of YoungLives. Mentors build relationships with teen moms, offering guidance in the matters of faith, parenting and self-worth. This investment of time and heart has empowered positiv, sustainable change in the lives of these beautiful families for over 25 years.
We have seen teen moms achieve their educational and career goals, become more confident in parenting, and live lives rooted deeply in new relationship with Christ. In short, what we know ... YoungLives works!

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Success and Vision


The need is great. One in 10 babies is born to a teen mom in the U.S. YoungLives reaches these vulnerable families with resources that transform generations.
When YoungLives comes alongside teen moms, the impact is significant. This has led to a recent surge of growth. In 2006, YoungLives was present in 55 communities, by 2014 that number exploded to 275. Many communities across the U.S. and around the world are positioned and eager to start YoungLives locally.


In 2013, YoungLives reached more than 10,000 teen moms and their children. Our vison is to DOUBLE our impact and serve 20,000 families by year 2019.


As you experience YoungLives, we hope you will decide that you were made to get involved. To learn more, contact YoungLives DC office, visit younglivedc.younglife.org or call: (571) 276-0401.


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